Angels at Hillcrest Hospital

May 12th, 2010

5-12-10A dedication to nursing takes a special individual. It takes a strong but compassionate person to work in critical care departments in hospitals. The care and comfort of others, in their time of need, is the attraction to this profession for most nurses. Lending their expertise in what they have learned in nursing schools, partnered with what they have learned in their hearts, is invaluable in caring for the very ill. To become intimately involved with a person’s few remaining days on earth and helping family and friends to let go of their loved one as the time draws near, takes a blessed individual. I met a few of them during the course of the past couple of weeks. Thank you Maria, Ashley, Karen, Donna, Pat and Ann.
These nurses in the CCU at Hillcrest we initially thought were caretakers, were in fact angels to my best friend Bob.

While taking today’s photo of a photograph that I have in my camera, the reflection of the shirt I was wearing appeared on the camera screen. Bob has been officially declared as performing One Million Acts Of Kindness in his lifetime. The world is a better place because of him. Rest in peace dear friend.

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