A Very Special Gift

July 30th, 2010

7-30-10The benefits of traveling the country are many. The people who open their hearts to me are too numerous to write about. I could write daily for the next few years and not be able to tell all of their stories. It couldn’t be any more rewarding for me to hear the inspiring stories from the thousands of fascinating people I have met along my path. It seems people feel comfortable talking with the guy driving The Kindness Bus. I cherish some of their stories and recount them to others.
A number of people send me things, mainly inspiring letters and well-wishes. Entire classrooms send me the kindness projects they have created. Some people send magazine articles, some send books. One woman sent a very special book; as a very special gift.
I met Ginny at a fund-raiser in Georgia a few months ago, she is very dedicated to the cause of Alzheimer’s research and was extremely interested in One Million Acts Of Kindness and what I had to say. She was captivated at the thought of living on a bus with no amenities, I couldn’t convince her how easy it is.
My visits to my PO Box are rare. On the last visit, I received a few packages, one of them was from Ginny. The most meaningful gifts one can give are the possessions which have sentimental value to the giver. This book, I’m sure has value to her because she has owned it since she was a young girl; it was a gift for her First Communion. It now has great meaning to me as it was a gift from the heart and the story of kindness in the book is told to children in such a beautiful way. Thank you Ginny.

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