Plush Interior

July 28th, 2010

7-28-10The Kindness Bus is getting some minor interior changes. In an 84 sq ft area there isn’t much you can really do, but it is important that every bit of that space is used wisely. Securing storage of items from shifting while moving and the vibration of the bus while running was something I didn’t give enough consideration when designing the storage areas. Drawers which latch seem to make sense, plus it is an easy way to be able to adopt the “out of sight out of mind” adage. Perfect when I have an on-bus dinner party for ten, (just kidding). This Architectural Digest worthy renovation will take place during the course of the next few days, prior to The Kindness Bus heading back to New York City for the better part of August.

2 Responses to “Plush Interior”

  1. Justin Graves says:

    Nice VT Sticker in the background!

  2. Cathy Patrick says:

    Please show pictures of the reveal of your Extreme Bus Makeover.