Bogart, Central Park Precinct Mascot

August 18th, 2010

8-18Today we began our visit to the Police Precincts on Manhattan. Just like our visit to all 49 fire houses in June, we came here to thank those who put themselves in harm’s way for our safety. Since we have set up shop on the border of Central Park during many of our stays in Manhattan, we have decided to start here, right in the heart of this city, at the Central Park Precinct.
The precinct is housed in a temporary building as the original century-old architectural gem gets a total overhaul. Miss Williams, who makes sure the building is spotless at all times, met me at the front door. We talked during her entire break about One Million Acts Of Kindness, she even invited me to the Harlem Festival next year. I went inside to find a flurry of activity, keeping Central Park safe for everyone is a 24/7 job. Sergeant Ringhauser was at the front desk with several others as all listened to every word I said. I got many thanks and many thumbs up as I told them “I’m trying to reach kids before you have to.”  Bogart and I made our way back to the park with a new-found appreciation for what these people  do, as an uncooperative man was brought in, in handcuffs.

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