Bogart Does It Again

August 17th, 2010

8-17-10-1This amazing dog keeps doing what he does best, getting people to look our way. He is the ultimate conversation starter. It seems when you have a Boston Terrier, everyone in the world owns a Boston Terrier. ┬áBogart has led many people to me. People who probably wouldn’t stop by, do. He is the main attraction; if he somehow learned how to drive the bus, I would be out of the picture. Bogart’s latest mark was Larry the Cable Guy. Bogart and I were walking through the park and he decided that he didn’t want to walk any longer. I held Bogart as I walked right past Larry who was filming a cooking show for the History Channel. One thing led to another and Larry and I ended up talking about cooking food on the bus which doesn’t have a kitchen. Maybe the scene will make the cut and maybe it won’t. I’m hoping Larry will Git-R-Done.
The thousands of people who passed by the bus today were so complimentary in their actions and praise. This is the easiest hardest job in the world. I’m just trying to Git-R-Done.

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