South to Salisbury University

October 29th, 2010

10-29-10Route 13, south of Dover, Delaware to Salisbury, Maryland is peppered with small towns along it’s sixty miles of length. Nearly each one of those towns has an elementary, middle and high school. Stopping in these schools to deliver a couple of Kindness Certificates and Kindness stickers is something I now look forward to on my travels to the next college or university. My contact at nearly all of these schools is either the principal, guidance counselor or secretary. All 12 contacts today and 7 yesterday were thrilled to hear of the Kindness Certificate and of children taking a pledge to personally perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in one’s life. There is one thing which has become apparent in these two days, teachers and staff are tired; they are tired of not seeing enough kindness and respect in their schools. The solution was put in their hands.
One other stop I made was on the south side of Dover at the local YMCA. On my way into the building, I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica and Sarah. Both of them love Boston terriers and thought Bogart was the best looking Boston they had ever seen. Jessica is a pre-school teacher and is going to do her best to try to have her entire school participate in One Million Acts Of Kindness Week.

I arrived on the Salisbury campus to find Shirley, a local student, who directed me to a great spot to take a picture of Bogart on her campus. In the distance, I heard some cheering for The Kindness Bus, I drove to a bus shelter in the campus parking lot to find 30 or so students waiting for a ride to their sailing class. Maybe today’s blog should have been named; Kindness on the High Seas.

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