Dover, Delaware

October 28th, 2010

10-28-10One of the best things about what I do is all of the unexpected surprises. Planning a full day of interaction with students on the Wesley campus turned into a day of discovering Dover, Delaware and some of its residents. The part of this small town near the Wesley campus is very friendly, so many people stop to talk to me about the One Million Acts Of Kindness Bus Tour. By the time I got back to campus it was early afternoon and I still had emails to answer, phone calls to make and letters to write, so I made an executive decision and decided to stay an extra night.
During my early morning, before heading to the downtown area of Dover, I met John, the friendliest security officer on any campus I have ever visited. We had a lot in common, including Boston terriers; Bogart breaks the ice everywhere we travel.
Keith, a freshman from Maryland, said “Everybody’s asking me ‘How can I get a sticker?’, ”  just stop by The Kindness Bus, I told him, there’s plenty for all.
While walking through town, one of the storefronts had art which children from the State of Delaware had drawn, telling of a kind act they had recently done. Of the hundred or so drawings on display, the one which caught my eye was the one which told of a boy who posted “Lost Dog” posters throughout his town for a dog he had found.

One Response to “Dover, Delaware”

  1. Mary Jane Miller says:

    I have been following One Million Acts of Kindness for the past year, and have been in tears many times over the innocent remarks the little kids make. I am helping to raise my grandkids and believe we have to get back to way things used to be. I try to instill the Kindness Bus message in them every day. Thanks for all you do!!