The Police, the Mechanic, and the Church

October 26th, 2010

10-26-10You know it is going to be one of those days when you see a police cruiser pull up next to The Kindness Bus at a red light and an officer motioning that he wants to talk. “You need to get that right-side brake light fixed” he said. The Kindness Bus is offered all sorts of courtesy along it’s journey. Police and State troopers know that The Kindness Bus Tour is trying to accomplish some good things. As I say to officers, “I’m trying to reach kids before you have to.” They like the thought of that.
I wasn’t more than a block down the road when I saw a sign for car repair. The Kindness Bus pulled in and I went in to talk with the first person I saw. EL’s is one of those do it all types of places, an answer to The Kindness Bus’ prayers. The mechanic provided some magical repairs which would have made a NASCAR pit crew proud. He had me back on the road and a “keep up the good work, there will be no charge for that” smile on his face.
With no room at the inn; the local Walmart doesn’t allow overnight parking, I had to do some last minute scrambling to find some place nearby in a hurry. Carol Ann Simpers, head of Religious Education at Saint Polycarb Church was the first phone call I made from a long list of churches in the area. Besides providing me with a place to park the bus, she invited me to the classes they were having this evening and I sat in on one of their presentations. What a devoted individual she is, working to keep kids on the right path. With an invitation to talk to the kids on a return trip, this was one of those days. Thank you, Carol.

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