The Right Driveway

October 25th, 2010

It gets very dark driving around in the middle of unfamiliar country on a moonless night. Traveling west from the University of Delaware the highway  turned to country roads in a hurry. Invited to park The Kindness Bus at Paws for People, the executive director’s house, Lynne Robinson. I knew from the drive that we were in for a very quiet night. We pulled down a side street and after negotiating a few very tight turns and trying to read mailboxes which were marked on the opposite side, we pulled into a driveway with the right number and looked as described, including the two barking dogs inside. I shut down The Kindness Bus and put an end to a very busy day.
Can you imagine what it would be like if you lived in the quiet of the country and came home after midnight and saw The Kindness Bus parked in your driveway? Dan Lane and Lisa Hower found out what it was like. Total surprise! Lucky for me, Dan and Lisa are about the nicest people you would want to meet in the Northeast corner of Maryland. The Kindness Bus stayed the night and made two more friends. Thank you.

One Response to “The Right Driveway”

  1. michael g. heinrich says:

    was a pleasure meeting you breily on 29th and 2nd ave.. nyc.
    i’m the construction worker you met by your bus.
    keep doing what your doing. you’re an inspiration.