An Example for All of Us

November 26th, 2010

11-26-10Sixteen year old Kaleigh is an example for all of us. Halfway through high school and with a year’s worth of college courses already taken, she is already on the road to greatness. So here I am at the American Red Cross to donate a pint of blood and I have the pleasure of meeting this big hearted girl. It is the day after Thanksgiving, part of the four-day- long weekend, which kids have from school. Most kids and most adults for that matter are just taking it easy, not Kaleigh. She is volunteering; working for this great organization to help others. I’m betting this sixteen year old will be an inspiration her entire life. She now has a Kindness Certificate to help remind her of the path she is pursuing.
Madeline Moses is a nurse who works for The American Red Cross. Her smile can make anyone feel better, her laugh can cure what ails you. She was a joy to talk with as she made my half hour visit seem like an hour and a half of enjoyment. What a perfect profession for this comforting woman.
The Kindness Bus Tour has now been in Wilmington, NC for nine days and we have met some fascinating and friendly people in this city. It is great to stay in these towns for several days as I am able to make some connections, as I will be up and down the east coast six times in the next three years.

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