Kindness and Thankfulness

November 25th, 2010

11-25-10Everyone’s dream is a world of kindness with thankfulness. Getting together once a year to celebrate Thanksgiving can be a family event, a community event or it can even be one single person. Many homeless come to Thanksgiving dinner by themselves, looking for a hot meal and many times, just someone to talk with. Volunteers give of their time to cook, serve and deliver food to the needy and sometime just sit with the homeless when he or she looks like they just want to spend some time with someone who will listen with a caring ear. The kindness of volunteer and the thankfulness of a stranger. This day should happen every day of the year.
Bogart and I were pulling out of The Teen Center when we saw this sign across the street. It is another organization which helps kids discover their passion for what they can accomplish in this world; helping them to get through their teen years while growing into an adult.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May the remainder of your days be thanks giving days.

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