Kindness Certificates Going Like Hotcakes

November 30th, 2010

11-30-10Conway, South Carolina is several miles west of Hilton Head. People from all parts of the United States visit or have decided to call this town, home. The proximity to the beach is the initial draw, but the people who live here are the real attraction. This town is over the top in terms of loving The Kindness Bus Tour, every other car seems to have a camera phone pointed our way as they pass by our “ride.”
Today we visited schools in Conway, with hands full of Kindness Certificates. The interest in these lifetime pledges is more popular than I ever imagined. The goal of one million of these certificates on children’s bedroom walls by the end of 2012 will be exceeded much earlier in the year.
Bogart loves the attention he gets as we travel from campus to campus. Tomorrow will be a visit to Carolina Coastal College before we hurry south trying to stay ahead of the colder weather headed our way. It was 39 degrees in the bus Sunday morning when I got up, not as cold as a few times last winter, but still a little colder than my liking.
Bogart needs an anchor about the ┬ásize of the one in today’s photo, to hold him back at times. I swear that my right arm is about 2 inches longer than my left. At the current rate, I will be able to dunk a basketball without jumping, twenty years from now.

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  1. SaraSmiles says:

    How’d you get him to hold still for the picture?