Locked Inside and Laying in Wait

February 17th, 2011

2-13-11Leaving the comforts of one’s environs is hard to do when all you have known, is comfort, your entire life. I am one such person.
Once this journey began, we will begin our 3rd year this summer, I didn’t know what to expect, knowing I had only been out of my “comfort bubble” a few days in my entire life. I found out very quickly that you make due with what you have, no matter how few the possessions and how minimal the comfort. It took this huge change in my lifestyle to realize that all the comfort I would ever need was waiting to be discovered in what I could offer to others. I believe it is locked, laying in wait, in each and everyone of us.
Virginia Tech’s tragedy of nearly 4 years ago bothered me to the core. Bothered me in such a way where I said this time I am going to do something about it. It was my “tipping point” realization. It is then when I said, there is something very wrong, some core value not being taught and some very important lessons not being learned. It for me was, One Million Acts Of Kindness, locked inside and laying in wait.
Everyone should leave the comforts of their environs, if for just a little while, to see what they can offer to others. This is the reason I started One Million Acts Of Kindness. It is a goal which will hopefully lead you to your passion for doing something you never dreamed possible for someone or something in need. It is echoed on the side of The Kindness Bus where someone wrote so profoundly, “Give everything you possibly can to help others…and then give some more.”

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