Random Thoughts of Kindness

February 18th, 2011

2-13-11Keeping a goal as a constant mind-set affords a child the best possible chance of achieving the end result of that goal.
I paid a visit, this morning, to Willow School, a small private school in Vero Beach that I had visited last spring. This school is very involved in the day-to-day goals of it’s students and it shows. Arrangements are being made to talk with the students for a 2nd time as a “refresher” visit.
Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to hear an entire school I have visited on 2 occasions, it’s students, teachers and administrators are taking part in One Million Acts Of Kindness Week. Thank you Millridge in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.
Don’t forget to sign-up for the last few days of One Million Acts Of Kindness Week, I heard from Linda Smith, a Kindergarten teacher who signed-up her class for the last few days of the week, today.
Now is the time to book your school visit from The Kindness Bus Tour. There are several dates available from mid-March through mid-April and Bogart and I would love to come talk to your group. The contact information is in the right-hand column of the homepage.
Everyone you know should hear about One Million Acts Of Kindness. Use all the usual social networks or do it the old fashioned way; holler from the mountaintops to spread word of this important mission.
School Districts across the nation need to adopt One Million Acts Of Kindness for all of their students. Bullying doesn’t stand a chance in a school system where all of the students have a mind-set of continual kindness.
Students and adults alike today, have so many opportunities to research their passion for doing for others, whether that passion is in their own community or half-way around the world. Karen, the executive assistant at Saint Helens School, another school I visited today, said it best, “This is something that students need.”

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