Jenn’s Mom

May 25th, 2011

5-25-11While taking a break from our ride from Newark to Wilmington and back, a young woman named Jenn said she had seen us riding and wanted to come and thank us for what we are doing. It was clear in our short conversation that she wanted to share much more; so she agreed to join us for an interview.
Jenn recalled, that as a child, she was too afraid to get out of her bed as she heard her mom being beaten.  To say that these beatings resulted in long term medical care would be a gross understatement.  Often they were life threatening.  This horrific brutality went on for years and became more violent as time went by.  Jenn’s mom died 2 years ago after too severe of a beating took place. Jenn has many stories about domestic violence and the long term effects that it brings.  Three women a day die in the United States because of domestic violence. Three women everyday!!

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