Pedal Power

May 26th, 2011

5-26-11Seven thousand four hundred miles on a bike is a very long distance; six months of rolling along on two wheels over all sorts of terrain across the United States, twice, because of a loop path I am taking. Eleven days in, on this one hundred eighty Kindness Bicycle Tour and the miles beneath these two wheels are starting to add up, today we crossed into Maryland.
Credit for the wheel being used for transportation dates back some 5,700 years. It wasn’t until the early 1800s that a 2 wheeled steerable bicycle which you pushed along with your feet was invented. Some days it seems I can move my bicycle faster ala Fred Flintstone fashion. Either way, riding a bike long distances every day causes one to become “bike fit.” I’m thinking my thighs will be bigger than my waist by the time I arrive in San Francisco.
Adding an engine to spin wheels is a relatively new feature as well, dating back a mere 140 years. The thoughts of having a motor for the up hill portions of the trip fill my mind as I pedal, but are just a passing wish at times.
Anyhow, the sensational photo for today’s blog was provided by Finn and Jan Runyon who have updated their “rides” considerably since this late, 1960s era photo.

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