“Bogart Needs Biscuits”

June 27th, 2011

6-27-11On the side of The Kindness Bus, there are 3 places to hang signs. One of the signs says “Fan Mail For Bogart” another says “Bogart Needs Biscuits” and a third says “Please Donate For Fuel.” There are slots that are cut in the side of The Kindness Bus above the areas where the signs hang. Bogart has received all sorts of gifts and interesting items which people have left on, near or in The Kindness Bus. Chew toys, bones, food, a DVD of “Lady and the Tramp,” thousands of pieces of fan mail, etc… Today he received a box of biscuits, weighing nearly 5 pounds. I’m thinking Bogart is good until the end of the year.
Today was a big day for The Kindness Bicycle Tour, big in total miles, 76, and big in great connections and conversations.
The day started early with an interview with Joe Higgins of the Athens Messenger. Joe wrote a wonderful article about One Million Acts Of Kindness a year and a half ago on our last visit to Athens. Cam, a very complimentary young man from Melbourne, Australia told me the message signs on The Kindness Bike were the best signs he has seen in a year. Although Athens is primarily a college town, home to Ohio University, hundreds of students were still out on the streets and in the shops early this Monday morning. Parents with young kids on summer vacation loved the thought of someone addressing these 2 issues in such a public way. The Kindness Bus has been on the busiest corner in Athens and is a lesson in itself for those who view its messages.

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