Athens County Children’s Services

June 28th, 2011

6-28-11 ATaking time to meet us at the Athens County Children Services offices, Executive Director, Andrea 6-28-11 BReik, Public Relations Director, Sherri Oliver and Deputy Director of Finance, W. Otis Crockron Jr. helped me to better understand the needs of so many in their community. The services provided by this agency are many, among them are; feeding the hungry, helping to overcome illiteracy, finding homes for children in foster care, training to help oneself and teaching parents how to be better role models. Two of the projects created by this agency I was impressed with are The Garden Project and Kidsfest. Both of these projects raise awareness and teaching visitors to the center about healthy life choices. The Garden Project donates produce to local groups throughout the growing season.
This agency deals with many of the everyday issues with children and family needs. It also addresses abuse and violence issues, which seem to happen far to often. I asked Andrea if she could tell me one of the successes of her agency and what gives her hope in her day to day dealing with all of the issues she has to face. Andrea showed me a picture of a young couple who adopted 5 siblings who were in her foster care; that is what brings her hope and makes it all worthwhile.
Today the weather was perfect for riding and I decided to “bank” 25 miles for future rides. We head for Chillicothe, Ohio tomorrow. Here’s to cool weather, as we head into the 2 hottest months of the year!

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