“Like Three Jumbo Jets Crashing”

June 29th, 2011

6-29-11Brian Namey of the National Network to End Domestic Violence recently said to me that the amount of women who die each year in the United States from Domestic Violence is “Like three jumbo jets crashing.” Can you imagine if that such an aviation disaster were to ever take place? It would be front page news in every newspaper. Programming on every television station would be immediately interrupted. Investigations from every related governing body would be done. There would be public uproar! Sadly, there is no public uproar over Domestic Violence. Life continues on as usual and the victims are just a number.
Today, as it is every day, as I pedal my way across the United States, I encounter many people who share there stories with me. Today a woman named Erika told me she was one of the lucky ones. She thought she was going to be 1 of those 3, on a day where her abuser almost took it too far; she was smart, she got out.
Kindness is the answer to Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse. I am convinced that any individual with a lifetime mind-set of kindness in their heart, would never be an abuser.  We need to teach kids this attitudinal belief when they are young.

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