The Hills are Getting Smaller

June 30th, 2011

6-30-11An early morning phone call to the Ross County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, set into action a most amazing day. Bud Scharfetter, Director of the RCCADV agreed to meet me a half hour after I cold-called his office. How could he say no to a guy pedaling 7,400 miles for a cause that is his life’s passion. Bud allowed us to interview him and he talked with us about the work his agency does for the residents of Ross County. His office is busy; one thousand new cases are referred to his office every year, of a total of only eighty thousand residents. Bud is an “out on the streets” kind of guy when it comes to doing his job, meeting and talking with those in the community.
Bud arranged for us to do a taped interview with Mike Smith at radio station WBEX 1490 AM. Mike has a popular morning show, The Dan and Mike Show. Mike is also a very big proponent in the fight against Domestic Violence. I also had an interview with Heather Cory of the Chillicothe Gazette, this too, was arranged by Bud. Heather was very professional and concise in her job. She called back late in the day to say the newspaper was going to make it a front page story in their Sunday edition. Thank you to everyone for the big welcome to Chillicothe.
Today’s ride of nearly 50 miles was a breeze as we cruised the streets and a sensational bike path in this friendly town.

The picture today is of a quilt which hangs in the reception area of the Ross County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. It contains the names of 16 women who died in Ross County, in a little more than a decade.

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