And I Thought I was in Shape

July 25th, 2011

7-25-11I made an unscheduled visit to the Metro Unit of the St. Louis Police Department. I went to make a police report about The Kindness Bicycle being missing from where I had left it locked.  These guys are the Downtown Bike Unit of the Police Department. They patrol the entire downtown area of St. Louis, keeping peace, and keeping in shape, while carefully negotiating traffic and pedestrians. Police Officer Chris Seger took all of my pertinent information and said they would make every attempt to keep an eye out for The Kindness Bicycle as they are out patrolling.  I received a late night phone call from Officer Seger to say that he had called the National Park Service to see if they had any surveillance cameras in the area where the bike was left. They told him they had better news, they had The Kindness Bike in their possession. Thank you Officer Seger for your diligent work in finding this very necessary part of The Kindness Bicycle Tour.
Today’s short ride concentrated on the area around Busch Stadium, talking with fans of the Card’s, as they are in town for the remainder of my stay. Many people come to this great town to visit the many sites and the friendly people downtown are an added bonus. There are a couple of important stops I want to make while in St. Louis, one of them is RAVEN, where men are taught alternatives to violence.

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