RAVEN and Pastor Bob

July 26th, 2011

7-26-11Janeen McGee, Executive Director of RAVEN took the time out of her very busy schedule to meet with me today. Founded 33 years ago by a group of men, RAVEN, the 3rd oldest batterer  intervention program in the United States, is an alternative to violence education program, which teaches men how to better react to everyday situations which normally would make them lash out at others.  “We get good at whatever we practice,” is what Janeen stated during our conversation; to me, this holds true in every situation, both good and bad. Janeen is a “roll up the sleeves” type of individual who helps out wherever the need may be. Her staff, mostly volunteers, help to achieve the highest level of success.
Yesterday, I received an email about a local man named Pastor Rob who has taken it upon himself to serve the homeless in St. Louis. I was told he has done at least one million acts of kindness in his life, of course I had to meet him. Pastor Rob is an amazing man doing amazing work with his own resources and has been doing it for years. Many of the homeless are in a much better place because of him. I’m thinking he must be very near that million mark.
By the time I picked up The Kindness Bicycle from the National Park Service today, the sun was too high in the sky to get all of my miles ridden, however I had dozens of interactions with interested individuals. This is one friendly town.

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