A Ride for Cancer, Too Much Sun, and 51 PTAs

August 27th, 2011

8-27-11The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse met with Maintaining the Legacy ride for cancer for an early morning bicycle ride today. Nearly 200 sisters from the Chi Omega House on the KSU campus came out on Friday night and this morning to support Maintaining the Legacy of an alumni and fellow sister Laura Kleysteuber who lost her battle with cancer in 2006. Joshua Wolf, an elite Ironman participant, is riding across Kansas for Maintaining the Legacy, took one look at The Kindness Bicycle and I think he thought “oh my, 8,400 miles on that!” Nathan and I rode part of the “sprint” this morning which is just an average speed for Joshua. What a nice way to raise money for cancer research in this part of Kansas.
Today’s ride of nearly 50 miles was in the full Kansas sun. It seems like nearly every day in the last 6 weeks have been primarily sunny days. There is no way out of it at times, especially days with longer distances scheduled. Lots of SPF is the answer.
Schools are back in session or very close to being in session. I called all 50 state and DC PTAs. These organizations are the umbrella agencies in each respective state. All state PTAs now know about the Kindness Certificates on the homepage of One Million Acts Of Kindness. I hope that word spreads to schools across the country about this great goal for students.

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