Protect All Children at All Costs

August 26th, 2011

8-26-11Kids shouldn’t be allowed to witness Domestic Violence. Seeing and hearing the sights and sounds of the pain from years of abuse of a mother is certain to be indelibly marked forever in a child’s mind. Sadly, behavior like this is learned in millions of homes across our country. Eighty-four percent of children from homes like these will be in an abusive relationship as an adult. It is a continual training of a new generation of abusers.
Over fifteen million children in the United States each and every year watch and learn, with their own eyes, violence that is forcibly rendered by a loved one to a loved one of the child. There seems to be no answer, as this epidemic has become woven into the very fabric of our society.
Domestic Violence is a male problem, ninety-nine percent worth. Men need to take a lead role in addressing how to put an end to this cycle which travels from generation to generation in families. Men talking to men about their actions is a good starting point to creating an awareness of how very wrong Domestic Violence is. The victims are our mothers, our sisters and our daughters. Come to their defense so another child will ever have to see this happen again.

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