Global Domestic Violence

September 20th, 2011

9-20-11As grim as it is in the western world for victims of Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse, women and children in third world countries often have no resources and no way out of their situations. I speak with people from all over the world along my travels and learn first-hand about the tragedies that exist around the globe.
This morning I met Bodil from Denmark and learned of Domestic Violence and her government’s actions to help those affected. The problem of not talking about the issue because of the shame associated with it are largely the same as the US. Dieter, from Germany, talked candidly to me at a coffee shop in Boulder, about the growing problem in his country and how he believes the economy is a contributing factor.
Today’s very cool temperatures made it a joy to ride The Kindness Bicycle, very slowly, from sunrise to well beyond sunset.

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