Bogart, The World’s Most Loved Dog

September 21st, 2011

9-21-11Bogart! Summer camp at the Spa has nearly come to an end. I’m coming to Cleveland next week for a few days to pick you up and bring you back to the Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour. ┬áBogart has been missed and he is the most integral part of this mission. The searing heat of the summer has cooled and it is no longer a risk for Bogart to be on a bus without air conditioning.
Thanks to all of Bogart’s caregivers these past few months; he really has been well cared for and his return to The Kindness Bus will be a bit of a shock. Thanks to the Rieman, Simmons and Ross families for providing Bogart with his every desire, and then some. From his own inflatable pool to weekly baths and massages, Bogart has truly been pampered.
Riding The Kindness Bicycle has become a joy with the mild temperatures. Having the Rockies as a backdrop is incredible. I have decided to take advantage of the conditions and do another century ride this upcoming weekend. Details to come.

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