Like a Mother Bear Guiding Her Cubs

September 22nd, 2011

9-22-11The conversation I had with Dee from Boulder, Colorado earlier this week, demonstrated to me how proactive she is in her daughter’s life. It reminded me of a mother bear guarding her cubs, guarding her cubs from potential danger from any and all who could do them harm in any way. All of us need to have the attitude of a mother bear towards of our children. Get involved in your child’s life to the point of almost being annoying, the moment you let your guard down is the moment the perpetrators wait for. Give your children “street smarts” of always seeking the safety of traveling with groups of friends and the knowledge to be cognizant of the potential harm.
Be ever vigilant in your child’s actions. You are your child’s guardian! Be the guardian!
There are great resources for parents and guardians for increasing the safety of children on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website;
Be the mother bear!!!

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