“Awakening Kindness”

October 18th, 2011

10-18-11Riding The Kindness Bicycle back to The Kindness Bus to give Bogart one of his many breaks during my daily ride, I came upon Nawang Khechog, a very respectful Tibetan man. Nawang and I toured the outside of The Kindness Bus, talking about the hundreds of writings on its exterior. He was primarily interested in the writings which contained the words, kindness and love. He showed me one of his many books he carried in his bag and one of his favorite quotes; “The greatest of these is love,” he was surprised when I showed him that it was written on the bus. Nawang was a monk for eleven years and has studied as a student of the Dalai Lama. To be able to visit with this gentle, caring man for nearly three hours and learn of some of his kindhearted beliefs was a true honor.
Nawang’s current book, “Awakening Kindness,” which is now endorsed by ten Nobel Peace Laureates, teaches our limitless capacity for kindness, compassion and love. He is a Grammy-nominated musician and has been praised internationally for his musical genius.  I was thrilled that Nawang took the time to write on The Kindness Bus, the words;
“Om mani padme hoong” which translated, basically means, “May no being know suffering and may all be kind to each other.”
This teaching needs to spread across the globe in a hurry.
Today’s short ride of 30 miles was a breeze in perfect riding weather. The Kindness Bicycle is getting thousands of views each day. My favorite view was by a group of middle school students who were very enthusiastic about seeing all of the positive messages as I slowly rolled by them.

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