The Business Case to End Partner Violence

October 19th, 2011

10-19-11Susan and Bob Nitzberg saw me near The Kindness Bicycle and the level of interest showed on their faces. Susan is a consultant with Standing Firm, a firm that helps to prevent Partner Violence from entering the workplace. This firm, based in Pittsburgh, PA works with employers in southwest Pennsylvania to Recognize, Respond and Refer when it comes to the possibility of a partner, of one of the firm’s employees, coming to the place of business to cause harm. Standing Firm is all about prevention, by educating company executives and employees what warning signs to watch for. With Domestic Violence being so pervasive in our society, no company is immune to it happening on their campus. Standing Firm’s business model needs to spread throughout our country.
Bogart had a big day by taking control of the employees of a local bank. Wendy, Dan, Michelle and Bonnie, employees of the bank came out to meet him in The Kindness Bus parked across the street from their branch. They brought a care package for both of us and even dog sat Bogart at the bank for a couple of hours while I was out riding The Kindness Bicycle. I arrived back a little earlier than I promised allowing Bogart to make his getaway before he ended up in prison stripes. Thank you to everyone at Vectra Bank for their help and generosity.

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