Riding 100 Miles for the Bravery of Johanna Orozco

October 20th, 2011

10-20-11Johanna Orozco is a Dating Violence survivor. I learned of her story on a recent visit to the Domestic Violence and the Child Advocacy Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Johanna dated a young man in high school and soon after, he started controlling her. When things became too much for her to handle, she broke ties with him. His violent side surfaced, culminating with him shooting Johanna in the face. Johanna has had twelve surgeries to replace her chin which took the full force of the shotgun blast.
Johanna now works for the DVCAC, traveling to schools talking to students about her story and safe dating practices. She is a brave woman, helping students to be aware of how bad it can get in a relationship. Helping to keep kids safe from the too many bad choices that are far too commonplace out in the streets in her city.
I thought of the story of Johanna as I rode these 100 miles today. I wondered how there could have been a different outcome. Then I saw the sign on the back of The Kindness Bicycle which reads; “Respect for women is one of the greatest gifts a father can show to a son”

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