Coffee Karma

October 21st, 2011

10-21-11Early mornings call for strong measures to get me up and going on The Kindness Bicycle; a strong measure of coffee that is. My Century Rides take about nine hours, plus breaks and stopping along the way to talk to interested individuals can add up to twelve hours or more. Luckily Boulder seems to have a coffee shop on every block. The best spot in town to have coffee brewed as you wish is Ozo Coffee. The staff is as good as it gets, even in the very early hours. One of the crew told me he has been seeing The Kindness Bicycle all over Facebook. I met Justin the owner of Ozo today. He likes the goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness that he already had put a Kindness Sticker on his van. He also added one to the door of his shop to greet his customers. The karma was immediate as he watched customers hold the door for one another. If you are ever in Boulder, go to Ozo and witness some coffee karma.
Today’s short ride of twenty miles was just what I needed; after riding three Century Rides in a week, I took a much deserved break.

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