Occupy Kindness

October 22nd, 2011

10-22-11There is so much happening in this world of ours in a very big hurry. Most of it for the good, or so it may seem. The one thing for sure is that people want to get back to a point where respect and honor have meaning in their everyday lives. They want kindness to occupy their hearts.
With all of the “Occupy” events now happening in nearly every part of the country and some parts of the world, I thought that The Kindness Bus Tour should have an “Occupy Kindness” event. The effect started as I brought the “Occupy Kindness” sign out of the door of the bus. A small Chinese contingency took pictures of me holding the sign and putting it in place on the hood of The Kindness Bus. As I sit here typing this blog, off in the distance I can see the flash of a camera every so often, taking a picture of the sign. The sign has been in place for nearly four hours and I have personally seen over 50 photographs taken. I think I will put this sign in place, on the hood of The Kindness Bus, every chance I get.
Today was a shortened day on The Kindness Bicycle, there was a college football game in town and my objective was to get as many views as possible. Staying stationary, for the most part, was the key to having this captive audience view the signs on The Kindness Bicycle.

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