The Power of a Mantra

October 23rd, 2011

Breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse takes inner strength. Whether it comes from a strong desire to change one’s learned behavior, a want for a better life for children or knowing that the abusive life you grew up with shouldn’t be passed on.
In meeting Nawang Khechog a few days ago, part of our conversation was about a Tibetan Buddhist monk mantra; Om mani padme hoong. This mantra has profound effects when repeated thousands of times. ┬áChanting a mantra, saying a prayer or stating one’s desires over and over can have some powerful results…a positive wanting for an event to occur for someone, something or oneself. Breaking the cycle in a family might just be broken by an individual convincing oneself by chanting, “I won’t be predator like my father,” thousands of times.
Today’s summer-like weather made riding The Kindness Bicycle a joy. Thousands of people were able to get a firsthand view and learn of my mission.
Thank you to Richard and Lisa for their generous support and sincere interest in helping the message of my mission continue to spread.

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