Kindness in Every Language

November 25th, 2011

11-25-11I love talking with people from every corner of the globe. The word kindness resonates with nearly everyone, in exactly the same way, no matter in what country they live. Everyone feels the world could be a much kinder place and every one of those people wants to be shown kindness more often.
Mauricio from Italy was one of those people. He is visiting the United States and travels extensively. He feels how most everyone else feels.  After a long discussion I told him I would be honored if he wrote on The Kindness Bus. He wrote in his native language, “Ferma la violenza e condividi l’amore” which translates to, “Stop violence and share love.” What a perfect addition to The Kindness Bus.
Today was a full day of interacting with hundreds of the tens of thousands of people in the downtown area of San Francisco. I found a very prime parking space on the Embarcadero near the Ferry Building. Having the opportunity to have The Kindness Bus viewed by this many people was made possible by a parking officer who said the area I parked was an area they weren’t enforcing on this busy shopping day. Thank you San Francisco.

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