Thanks and Giving

November 24th, 2011

11-24-11Two words which need to be acted upon much more frequently in our society are the subject of today’s writing points.
Having gratitude and thanking those who have helped to make our everyday life a little easier is a common courtesy.
Giving to those in need is crucial to the well being of all of us. Giving of our time, giving of our help and giving of our resources is needed now more than ever.
Today, on this Thanksgiving day, the San Francisco Food Bank was filled with over 80 volunteers who gave of their time to play a part in feeding the hungry. Thank you to every one of them.
Today’s photo hangs inside the SFFB. It is of a local boy who lives in an area of town where no fresh produce is sold. The SFFB is changing all of that by providing fresh produce to his school.
May each and every one of you have a  Happy Thanksgiving day.

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