Fred Segal

December 18th, 2011

12-18-11In southern California there has been a  high quality department store for the past 40 years; one in Beverly Hills and the other in Santa Monica. I have had the honor to be “hosted” by by Fred Segal since coming to this area 10 days ago. Where to go, where to ride, what to do and who to see is just some of the advice they have offered. They have also offered overnight assistance in providing space for The Kindness Bus. Darrylynn Kaun, owner of Zero Minus Plus in Fred Segal was instrumental in arranging many of the details, even securing me an invite to tonight’s Fred Segal ice skating party.
How can you go to an ice skating party and not try to get a ride on the Zamboni, especially when Fred Segal was nice enough to supply it to the city to make this skating rink a reality.
Tomorrow morning I will do the tire dunk in the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, bringing to a close The Kindness Bicycle Tour to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse. A bicycle tour comes to a close but it is my wish that minds may have been opened to begin the healing process needed to become a survivor.

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