The Heart of Kindness

December 17th, 2011

12-17-11Tom, a shirt off the back kind of guy, literally, was busy taking photos of The Kindness Bus when I arrived back with Bogart, from taking an evening walk. Tom has traveled the world for past 30 years, selecting filming sites for movie studios. Tom is all about spreading kindness in every language around the world. He loved the entrance door to The Kindness Bus with the word “peace” written in 47 languages. It then dawned on Tom that he was wearing a kindness shirt with a red heart, he has worn it all over the world, to some of the holiest sites on earth. I agreed with Tom when he thought it would make a great addition to The Kindness Bus Tour. He and I swapped shirts and he loved his almost new “Thank You” shirt. When Gratitude and Kindness get together…incredible things are bound to happen.
Today was a magical day! I met so many caring people who wish the world for One Million Acts Of Kindness. Today for some reason, The Kindness Bus was in the limelight. I love to paint some its sayings, so they continue to look freshly painted. I like to do this when there is a large captive audience nearby. On three separate occasions today, various people from the art world stopped by to express their interest in the unique beauty of The Kindness Bus. Much more about this in the New Year.

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