Oasis of Peace

December 28th, 2011

12-28-11I met Richard Goodwin while in Boulder, Colorado this past fall. Richard is a man who asks questions and evaluates how much passion you put into your answers. He commented on how much passion I have for One Million Acts Of Kindness and for The Kindness Bicycle Tour.
Richard has a lifelong passion for helping others and helping to promote peace one individual at a time and one country at a time around the globe. He is involved in many charitable endeavors with a focus on philanthropy. To say he is a kind, giving man is a huge understatement, his philanthropic heart supports over 130 charities. He knows the karma of giving of himself and giving of his wealth.
Oasis of Peace is a community in Israel where Jews and Arabs choose to live together in harmony, promoting peace for the greater good. Richard is deeply committed to peace all throughout the world and Oasis of Peace has been an example for the rest of the world for 25 years. Accepting people’s different cultures and backgrounds through education and communication will help to end violence around the world, Richard believes. Visit; www.oasisofpeace.org to learn about this amazing dream that became a reality because of Richard’s devotion.
Thank you Richard for your interest in, and support of, One Million Acts Of Kindness.

The Kindness Bus Tour for wounded warriors, firefighters, and police officers begins in Santa Monica in 24 days.  Bogart and I will be traveling across the country once again and ending in Jacksonville, Florida.  Any donation to help defray our travel costs would be greatly appreciated.

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