Our Most Inspiring Challenges

December 29th, 2011

Quite often, during the course of our lives, events or people who adversely affect us are the determining factors which cause us positive growth. It is up to each one of us, as individuals, to create good from undesirable circumstances. Living through life-changing events such as the tragedy at Virginia Tech, which was the impetus to my founding One Million Acts Of Kindness, force us to make decisions as to how we wish to proceed with our lives, hopefully for the greater good.
When will you draw your personal line in the sand and say “enough already” I am tired of the apathy for other’s suffering in the world and the indiscriminate hatred because of one’s beliefs? When will draw your line in the sand and start a personal, internal belief system of caring for those who are hurting? When will you go forward with only love in your heart for everyone? What will it take for you to see how much you are needed to help this troubled world? Will you do it in this lifetime?….or will you wait too long? Find your passion for what you love to do and by which others can be comforted, saved, fed, clothed, loved,etc… You can decide to do this on the very next breath you take.

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