Busy, Busy

January 27th, 2012

1-27-12My weekly, 3AM PST call to the Bill Bennett “Morning in America” radio show, hosted by Seth Leibsohn, set the tone for the day today. I am further inspired on Fridays, now knowing that people across the nation are hearing about The Kindness Bicycle Tour for Heroes. So I set off to make as many stops as possible to talk to heroes.
At Firehouse #6 in Vista, California, Brandon and Chris we’re just getting back from a call and came to the door in a huge hurry to see what I was riding. They were thrilled to have someone show up at their station to thank them. Acting Lieutenant John, at Firehouse #1, was the sole Firefighter around, as all of the rest of his ucrew was training off site. John listened with great interest when I told him of visiting all 49 Firehouses on Manhattan, including Firehouse 10 in Ground Zero. At Firehouse #4 in Vista, Jason and Chris talked to me about smoke in the hills to the north of their station. Some of their fellow workers went out on the call before I arrived. They were relieved when they heard that the crew was on their way back to the station.
San Diego County Sheriffs Office was on my radar screen today and even though it was a short visit, the secretary assured me that the Sheriff will get all the information I gave to her.
While I was out riding, Joretta from West Virginia followed me in her car, until I realized she wanted me to pull over and talk with her. She has 3 grandsons who are Police Officers and loved the thought of someone taking up the cause of honoring those who protect and serve us.
This evening, after a long day, I was seated next to Lori, a wife of a 24 year career Marine Sergeant who is at Camp Pendelton. I expressed my desire to ride The Kindness Bicycle on the base. Keep your fingers crossed to help some magic happen. It could be a great morale boost for The Few, The Proud, The Marines.
A gracious gratitude to Kathleen, Tony and family for the hospitality while traveling through Vista. Bogart was in dog heaven having a friend to play with for a couple of days. Thank you, thank you.

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