Heroes in Training

January 26th, 2012

1-26-12AOne of the prime locations on The Kindness Bus is now emblazoned with words of honor, respect and praise for all to see. Nearly two years ago, I spent time visiting all 49 Firehouses in Manhattan. Many students I was talking with at the time weren’t hearing about the real heroes in our society. I decided if I was going to talk to kids about this, I had better go to the source. Two years later, I have decided it would be great for people who view The Kindness Bus to learn of this memorable series of events.
Today I had the pleasure of meeting Randy at the Escondido Firehouse #1, he had his Firefighters busy keeping up to date on CPR classes when I rode in on The Kindness Bicycle. He kindly took time out to learn of my cross country ride. He was so interested that he is passing along information to the state Firefighter’s agency. While on site of this huge multi-purpose building facility, I found a class of students working towards becoming Firefighters. They were eager to share their knowledge of many of the responsibilities of their work which includes the huge vegetation fires in the fall, which always seems to be the biggest concern. These guys are truly Heroes in Training.

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