A Very Special Visit to a Very Special Place

January 25th, 2012

Bogart steals the show wherever we go and today was no exception. I talked to three groups of schoolchildren today at the Escondido Montessori Learning Center in Escondido, California. Using Bogart as an example of how children should behave, and more importantly, not behave, they seem to make a better connect when using his actions as an example. Bogart even chimed in when he got excited over seeing his favorite character, Bowser the dog, from the One Million Acts Of Kindness puppet show.
The students, educators and parents all helped to make us feel like we were part of their extended family. Families made donations of treats for Bogart and for me as well. They also had a program to fill The Kindness Bus gas tank with kindness, by bringing in donations, allowing us to get a ways further down the road.
This learning center is a magical place of a close knit group of families. I heard from many of the parents of how grateful they were for me to share stories of The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes. I couldn’t have been more pleased as to how the presentations went today….and they have invited me back tomorrow for an early morning assembly for the entire school and parents. Thank you to everyone for supporting The Kindness Bus Tour in so many ways.

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