I Should Get Flat Tires More Often

January 24th, 2012

1-24-12I love what I do! Every day is different, exciting and unpredictable. Today started with preparing for a late afternoon departure for Vista, California and a planned ride to possibly visit one more firehouse in Santa Monica before leaving this town for two weeks. With loads of Kindness Bus chores to complete, my window to do all I wanted to do, closed a little. Having a morning coffee meeting with friend and One Million Acts Of Kindness Ambassador, Michael Townsend, delayed until early afternoon, afforded me the opportunity to get exposure for The Kindness Bicycle on my travels to the firehouse. And then it happened. The rear tire went flat. Fortunately I was less than two miles away from a spare tube on The Kindness Bus.
While moving The Kindness Bicycle to a post I could chain it and then walk to the bus for a spare, Wynton, a 20 year veteran firefighter from Station 70 in Malibu, flagged me down to talk with me about The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes. Knowing firsthand that a firefighter is grateful for what I am doing, is inspiration enough, to carry me through the end of the ride.

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