“Morning in America” Radio Show

January 20th, 2012

1-20-12A few of years ago, I tuned into Bill Bennett’s, Morning in America radio show. Knowing that he was formerly Secretary of Education, I knew that listening to this show would be great research, as I visit classrooms across the country. One item of interest for me was that he had a segment where over-the-road truck drivers call into his show and describe where in the United States they were currently driving. I thought having The Kindness Bus Tour call into his show on a regular basis, with an educational tie-in, would be a perfect fit. I tried to make this happen over the last few years, to no avail, that is, until today.
Seth Leibsohn is the host of Morning in America every Friday morning. I called last week to tell them of my Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes. I was instructed to call back this morning. Seth had me as his first guest caller. Talking on-air for a few minutes, Seth could hear the passion I have for getting the message of who the real heroes should be, in the minds of our youth. Seth asked me to call his show every Friday to give updates about The Kindness Bicycle Tour to Raise Awareness about Wounded Warriors & Police and Firefighters Killed in the Line of Duty.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you Seth for helping to get my message of One Million Acts Of Kindness across our nation’s airwaves, every Friday “Morning in America.”
***The 4,000 mile, 5 month long Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes begins tomorrow from Santa Monica, California.

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