Test Ride for Heroes

January 19th, 2012

1-19-12The Kindness Bicycle is complete and ready for another 4,000 miles. I just couldn’t wait until Saturday to go for a ride on the new and improved Kindness Bicycle, so I took advantage of temperatures in the mid 60s, to test the subtleties of the handling abilities of this now-famous bicycle.
I must admit, there were, at times,  some challenging days on the Domestic Violence, Childhood Sexual abuse ride where it was difficult being the rider who was addressing these 2 issues during those 7+ months. This ride will be a ride of honor and a ride of gratefulness. It will be incredibly popular and hopefully healing to those who we meet along our travels.
Divine, a local resident, was the first to see The Kindness Bicycle as it hit the ground from the inside of The Kindness Bus. She came over to express her gratitude and shared her enthusiasm. Hundreds of people acknowledged positively, seeing me as I passed by during this 4 hour, 10 mile ride. I stopped to talk with dozens of people, many others waved, honked or applauded upon seeing such a sight.
Jonathan, JT, Greg and Rose were very supportive of what I am trying to accomplish these next 5 months. Thank you to one and all.

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