Major Work on the Kindness Bus

February 24th, 2012

2-24-12It has been a little more than a year ago since I met Scott and Paula in Vero Beach, Florida. After talking to them for a while Scott decided he wanted to fill the tank of The Kindness Bus with a little kindness. After doing so, he made a generous donation as well. When The Kindness Bus needed a major tune-up today and not realizing the extent and expense of the work, I gave Scott and Paula a call to see if they could help with the expenses. Without hesitation was their positive reaction to my dilemma. As Scott says, “Just keep up the good work you are doing.” This couple is a big boost to keeping this mission moving forward. Their website is
Two more angels to the rescue were Rudy and Hector who are are a couple of very talented mechanics. They not only performed the major tune-up at a discounted rate but then gave The Kindness Bus a once-over to make sure I was safe for the road. As I was pulling out of the garage, I was handed 3 bonus quarts of oil.
Next up, rear brakes when I get to Arizona. I am half way to the total on a donation from Phil’s BBQ in San Diego. Anyone else feeling generous?
Thank you to everyone, in the many ways all of you help to keep this mission spreading a message of kindness across our country.

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