Nowhere to Go

February 23rd, 2012

2-23-12Nearly four months have passed since arriving in California in late October. There are sprawling areas of open land and sprawling cities with huge numbers of people. California, because of its sheer size, both in population and land mass, owns the distinction of being the first in many categories and surveys, when it comes to veterans homelessness.
Starting The Kindness Ride for Heroes in southern California, put me in the largest concentration of active military and veteran populations on the United States. Many return stateside and remain or come to this area live.
On any given night in our country, nearly 80,000 veterans are living on the streets. Sixteen percent of all homeless adults in our country are veterans. Riding The Kindness bicycle through California for the past four months has put me in direct contact with some of these veterans. Many of them aren’t aware of benefits that the VA can offer to them to make life easier. Some of them are hurting so much inside to seem to even care.
Reach out to help the homeless veterans at your next available opportunity, it’s the least we can do for those who put their life on the line for us at one time.

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