Times Square

June 30th, 2012

6-30-12Every day of the week, Times Square is crowded, especially on a Saturday before a holiday. I decided to take a break from visiting Heroes and spend the time today among the throngs of individuals visiting this popular tourist destination. I did visit the Times Square NYPD and several of the officers throughout the area. They are some of the busiest officers, having to interact with the tens of thousands of people who make their way through this place.
All of the conversations with the men and women in blue centered around The Kindness Bus Tour for Heroes. One of the conversations touched on the very reason I am doing this ride. I was told by one of the officers of many parents discouraging their children to be friendly towards the police. It is a sad commentary on the way some children are being taught to respect those who put themselves in harms way to protect us. I am hoping in some way The Kindness Bus Ride for Heroes changes some of those young minds.

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