NYPD Mounted Unit

June 29th, 2012

6-29-12AI’ve been wanting to visit the Mounted Unit of the NYPD since I arrived in New York City three weeks ago. I got to this facility at the perfect time as Officer Michael Weiss was able to find the time to give me a small tour. He has been with the Mounted for 4 years and previously with the NYPD in Brooklyn. In this hot weather, Michael had his horse Admiral, out for an early morning ride to avoid the heat of the day. As I turned to walk away, Michael said, “Thanks for what you are doing, it means a lot to us.”  What a great compliment!!
The exposure I got as I rode through the streets of Manhattan today was incredible. This town is as busy as I have seen as the Independence Day crowd has started to arrive. It may be because of the patriotism this time of year, that I am getting such a positive response for The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes.
My visit to 3 Firehouses culminated in a visit to the Firehouse at 8th and 48th. These men were helpful with directions and future contacts in Brooklyn.

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