Warm Welcomes

June 28th, 2012

6-28-12Being in New York City several times with The Kindness Bus, I always am welcomed with open arms. This city is very friendly to me and since I have been riding The Kindness Bicycle through many of the neighborhoods, it has been even friendlier.
I met so many people today during my full day of riding. Rob from New Jersey has 2 kids and loved the message of One Million Acts Of Kindness. He helped further my travels with a very nice donation. Mary, who comes from a very patriotic military family loved the fact I am riding for an awareness of Wounded Warriors.
Today I visited 4 Firehouses and 2 Police Precincts on the west side of Central Park. Firefighters Mark, Kevin and Ben were helpful in making sure I was hydrated and nourished. Three more friendly people, in this very friendly city. It was another incredible day. Thank you to all.

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